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Sense and shape your new normal!

In the midst of troubles, and trying times our main focus is where our help will come from? You need to find survival tactics or pass out! The choice therefore solely relies on your efforts. Your antenna should guide you in sensing where your help is. That is why you will need a working antenna for you to see your place of help.

Ideas are birthed in turbulent times during our struggle to find survival. They shape and determine the future of our business.  As a business owner you should rejoice rather than complain. Why? Because this is the time you get your come back if you were struggling or to expand your business instead. You get! Either way we are shining.

Configure your antenna with this clip VIDEO from our Founders conversation on the emerging trends and grab your idea! Every week on Thursdays we get to have Founders Conversation from 8:30 AM online. Registration is required! Register and Look out for an access email with a link and Click to join us! See you on the other side.


SME Founders Association Team   


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