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Business Advisory Services

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Result Oriented Action Steps For Increased And Repeatable Success

Applying proven and tested business support services together with our partners, we provide SME Founders Advisory services that improve their operational excellence and increase their chances of growth and success.

In recent years, the challenges for new product development have increased tremendously. Companies are facing intense competition from emerging markets, stricter standardization and regulations as well as changing customer behavior and requirements.

If companies fail to get the development process right, their products fail or become too expensive to execute.  We have analyzed hundreds of product development projects and identified best practices in new product development. Successful companies focus on product value instead of just on product costs and in so doing satisfy customers and increase product profitability. Successful companies improve product value by using effective business advisory frameworks and methods to foster growth and success.

Our business  advisory services  include:

  • Accounting & Finance – Book keeping and cash flow management, Budgeting and forecasting, Credit & collections, Financial literacy, Financial management &; Reporting Finding finance, Payroll services
  • Business Planning– Business plans, Buying a business, Family Business, Starting a business, Franchises
  • Human Resources – Compensation & Benefits, Compliance & Policies, Employee insurance, Employee management, Payroll, Recruiting & Hiring, Termination
  • Exporting & Sales – Trade facilitation, Trade missions & Expos, International Business Tours, Sales management, Customer service 
  • Legal & Insurance – Legal basics, Contracts & Regulations, Copyright, patent and trademark, Incorporation, Insurance for business, Insurance for employees 
  • Brand & Marketing – Brand Identity, Brand Positioning, Advertising, Marketing Tool Kit,  Market research & planning
  • Operations – Systems design & implementation, Office equipment, space and supplies, Project management, Procurement inventory and production, Social Responsibility, Telecommunications 
  • Enterprise Solutions – Email Marketing, Web hosting, design & Development, Google Enterprise, Process Automation, Hardware.

To speak to a business advisor call us +254 759 925 039 or email us at hello@smefoundersassociation.com

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