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The Value of an Open Mind!

Do you have an open mind? What came to your mind when you saw this mail? Here’s one response!  I know what they want to say… and at the end you miss out on a good offer by not giving it the attention it deserved. A sower cultivates relationships and reaps from them.  Our minds store information for us and when it sees some similarity in a new one it brushes it off. You have the power to direct your mind to remain faithful and look out for the good in there even if it tells you otherwise? A sower uses energy in order that they may reap after harvest. The energy you put in resisting your mind to getting comfortable definitely gives you results as you get to learn more as you scroll down.

Founders Network commitment to your growth and success cultivates a relationship with you through giving you Insights on Digital Learning & Networking. Join our Founders Profit Academy and choose a course that's suitable for you. Click here and receive a discovery call from one of our business mentors  to help you determine the best learning path for your growth and success.

Join us this Thursday from 8:30am for Traits of a Thriving Founder and discover the traits you need to develop to thrive from Lilian Koech, Lead Ambassador, ASPIRE Program. (A youth Apprenticeship program ran by SME Founders Association) Registration is required to keep you safe from zoom bombers! Entry is free! Click Register and book your seat. Look out for an access email with the joining in details. 

If you missed the last session Click VIDEO and login to view with an open mind and gain insights and strategies on Digital Learning & Networking to sense and shape your new normal. 

Have a Great week and See you on Thursday!




Jackie, For Founders Network