Building our future

Motivated entrepreneurs and emerging business owners have access to our team of professionally certified business consultants and specialists to help accelerate business growth and expansion. Our consultants bring local businesses access to a network of state and national experts and resources needed to compete in today’s global marketplace. Additionally, our consultants live and work in the communities in which they serve, giving them the regional knowledge and vested interest to help businesses succeed.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is responsible for advising, counseling and conferring with the CEO of the association to ensure the interests of small businesses are represented in promoting a sustainable enabling business environment as well as coordinating  efforts and investments in small business development and entrepreneurial support services.

Frida Owinga

Frida Owinga


Lucas Maranga

Lucas Maranga

Board Member


Cynthia Joel

Community Manager

Lillian Koech

Project Manager

Maurice Otieno


Njau Muriithi

IT Director

Kyesubire Talitwala - Greigg

Communication Director

County Coordinators

Zippy Musyimi

Zippy Musyimi

Nairobi Coordinator

Sheila Toya

Sheila Toya

Mombasa Coordinator

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The Value of an Open Mind!

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