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Founders Network

Founders Network is a mentorship network providing SMES exclusive learning and networking opportunities to grow their leadership and business skills with subject matter experts and peer mentoring groups.

Members have exclusive opportunities and priority passes to private events. Learn More...

Business Advisory Services

Applying proven and tested business support services together with our partners we provide SME Founders Advisory services which improve their operational excellence and increase their chances of growth and success.

In recent years, the challenges for new product development have increased tremendously. Companies are facing intense competition from emerging markets, stricter standardization and regulations as well as changing customer behavior and requirements. Learn More...

Online Business Experts

Many SME Founders, set up their business to be their own boss so that they can do what they love and enjoy. But now the business seems to be taking up their time with all kinds of tasks that they did not sign up for leaving them overwhelmed and frustrated. Online Business Experts was created to help founders gain productivity and visibility by outsourcing or automating important tasks that must be done but often take too much time or can be costly to hire full time. Learn more...

Office Management Systems

COVID-19 has shifted the way Founders live and work. Having to live and work in the same space can be daunting and draining that’s why we created the Office Management Solutions to support the Founders working from home. Learn more...

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