Steps to Recovery!

Here is a famous motivational quote from Albert Einstein to kick start your journey to recovery. “I have tried 99 times and I have failed, but on the 100th time came success!” The truth is businesses have been dying before their 5th birthday long before COVID-19. What COVID-19 has done is reveal that we are not resilient enough to stand crises. Here are 3 steps to jumpstart your recovery; 

  1. Retreat - Step back and define the impact damage on your business
  2. Reflect -  Determine what’s next for your business. Think about what has worked, what you have learned, and what has been missed in your response to COVID-19
  3. Reform - Decide and take action on what next to do.

August has been a time of New Beginnings and a great time to do something about the impact of COVID-19 on your life and work. Every Thursday, this month we looked at steps to recover! In case you missed these steps visit our Facebook page SME Founders Association to catch the recordings from our live updates aired on the day of the events. Last week we looked at driving your recovery and if you missed it you can watch it here. 

Join the Recovery Conversation this week titled “From Reliance to Reliable” and discover how your business could be an NGO.  Many small businesses are run like NGO's unconsciously making no profit and going for long periods without generating cash. Jun Shiomitsum, the president of African Business Institute will unveil insights to establish the difference and what you cando to be more reliable and less reliant on outside support in order to run a thriving business. 

Join the RecoveryConversation!


Founders Conversation

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