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When Greatness Shows Up, Listen Carefully.

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On Wednesday May 10th 2023, the ANDE members networking event was graced by Prof Mohammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Laureate, Founder Gramin Bank, and Co-founder Yunus Social Business, as keynote speaker.

It was fascinating to listen to his story about how they have helped people from all walks of life, transform their existence through sustainable business ventures. Unlike many people and organisations, he share their belief that we must become “Be a natural human being…look for problems to solve.”

All successful businesses solve real problems for a specific market segment that is willing to use the the solution (product or service) and able to pay for it every time they use it. As business owners, it is critical thing that we understand current needs, anticipate coming trends, listen to feedback, adjust for the needs expressed and let go
of our personal baggage so that we are flexible and agile in our operations to meet customer demands.

It is our responsibility to create solutions rather than to wait for miracles to fall into our laps. We must get out of the greed based economy that currently exists and strive to live based on the human values of sharing and caring. When we move to this state, we see the world around us through a more compassionate lens and we can commit to
real societal transformation.

What transformation are we looking for? The 3 Zero club.

The 3 Zero club stands for Zero global warming, Zero wealth concentration, Zero unemployment. It is a system that diligently pursues the common good for the world around us as part of every interaction we have in life. We optimise our lives and businesses to eliminate unnecessary waste and manage our personal appetites for zero global warming. We ensure that everyone, regardless of race, creed or location has access to an opportunity to create a decent income and live a good life hence zero wealth concentration and zero unemployment.

Even with all its challenges, entrepreneurship is the greatest pathway to actualise the 3 zero club across the globe. We must encourage more young people to go into entrepreneurship and provide the right support they need which includes access to learning, linkages and mentorship. This ensures they have access to the tools,
networks and opportunities they need to start, function and thrive.

At SFA, we support business founders to access learning and linkages that will support them in their entrepreneurial journey as well as ensure that they can transfer wealth to the next generation. Join us for one of our weekly meetings to learn more about our programs.

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