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Business assessments are effective analytical tools for assessing overall business performances, opportunities and risk in a given area. Take one or all of the following business assessments And discover how you are doing. After taking the assessment you will get a report and free one on one to guide you on what next.

Take an assessment and get a business advisory session with the subject matter expert to advise you on best way forward.
SFA Members get assessed for free! Contact Us for more information.

Business Legitimization Assessment

Business Legitimization Assessment helps you in getting your beneficial ownership sorted so that it doesn’t sound like rocket science, especially when it comes with a deadline and a steep fine. Get the facts and get sorted!

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Brand Pulse Assessment

Have you taken a Brand Audit for your Business? Discover if your brand is appropriately positioned to attract clients who will convert into consistent paying consumers by taking this assessment and get advice from our subject matter Expert!

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Profit Pulse Assessment

Discover the Profitability of your Business with this Profit First Assessment test and receive advice from our Subject Matter Expert!

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People Pulse Assessment

This will help you define the areas that require intervention in developing people for your business to thrive. We assist in identifying and attracting the right people for your business to generate more profit. 

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You can contact us to understand what type of assessment you need at the moment. To speak to a business advisor, call us +254707112002 or email us at hello@smefoundersassociation.com.