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Youth in Africa constituted 19% of the global youth population in 2015, numbering 226 million. The United Nations defines youth as people aged 15 to 24 years. By 2030, it is predicted that the number of youths in Africa will have increased by 42%.Africa’s population as a whole is very young, with 60% of the entire continent aged below 25, making it the youngest continent in the world, in relation to its population makeup.

YGWA provides young adults with competence, compliance and ability to access decent sustainable work. The 5G program is a 12 month apprenticeship packed with experiential learning and networking activities designed to equip  participants with 21st Century workforce skills to impact local and global communities. Watch info session here 

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Here are some of the outstanding individuals who have participated in the program.

Alfred Lesampouwa

Alfred Lesampouwa

My experience at YGWA has been great. I interacted with many great people and learned a lot from them. The speakers at YGWA apprenticeship programs have been very beneficial to me. The sessions about money matters and mindset, in particular, have been helpful to me.  The lessons I learned have stayed with me and my money decisions are now made from a better point of view. 

I was sometimes part of the team that organized YGWA apprenticeships. Through participating in the programs, I was able to develop the skills of working in a team and also effective communication. 

I like YGWA because it arms young people with the skills needed by the market. I believe that being a member of the YGWA team makes one face the job market with more confidence. 

I think YGWA is doing a great job of making valuable skills available to young people.  This is why I would be happy to recommend YGWA to others.

daniel ngatia

Daniel Ngatia

My experience at YGWA has been really good. What I liked most is the opportunity to interact with founders and to be able to learn from them. One of the benefits of YGWA is the opportunity to network with people in different fields of business and fellow young adults who are
finding their way in the job market.

At YGWA I helped facilitated online events and meetings through zoom and also edited highlight and promotion videos for Founders Conversation, Founders Network and YGWA events. I was able to advance my editing skills and try out new styles of video editing that I had not used before. What makes YGWA stand out for me is the flexibility of how and when you work. The program provides flexible working hours which makes it easy for me to work on my personal projects and grow my skills. The program has had a huge impact on my Knowledge of SMEs. The program opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of SMEs in Kenya and their potential to grow and have positive influences on the Kenyan economy. The program has also helped me in making decisions in my work life, for instance, how I carry myself in work environments.

I would recommend YGWA to young adults. It is a good program to help young adults grow their skills and network with other like-minded young adults and learn from people already in the fields they aspire
to be part of.

jackline migot

Jackline Migot

My experience at YGWA has been acquiring interpersonal skills, including teamwork, responsibility, leadership, flexibility, among others. Most of these skills are not acquired or practised through the learning institutions in place or the one I attended.

My most valuable learning experience was how to adapt quickly in an ever-changing environment. With every change, I learned a new skill. At YGWA, working with helpful mentors shifts your mindset into an entrepreneurial one, gaining experience and developing ideas towards income generation.

I have been able to get paid work as a virtual support assistant with KCB Biashara Club [Kenya Commercial Bank]. I have also received a sponsorship to acquire more skills through the Work Experience Mentorship Academy[WEMA] and INUKA 21 Leadership Challenge.

I would recommend YWGWA to those just out of college as a way to gain valuable experience in entrepreneurship.

lashaun ominde

Lashaun Ominde

At YGWA I learned the meaning of teamwork and how to better manage my time. I assisted and still assist in social media creation and management which resulted in growth for the brand. The YGWA program is informative for those who take on the opportunity. I would definitely recommend YWGA because you will learn a lot in terms of organisations internal functioning and processes.

lilian k

Lilian K.

YGWA has been an enriching learning experience, allowing me to experience SME circles and learn from the vast experience of SFA experts. It’s a working environment that hones valuable skills like communication and teamwork. I can confidently and intentionally network, even in a virtual setting, articulating my skill set. 

The YGWA team is committed to equipping young adults with valuable skills to make them relevant in their respective fields. There is no other better place to give your time, talent and treasure if you are just getting started in your career or looking to pivot or transition into and grow your skills in the entrepreneurial space.

shadrack gicheru

Shadrack Gicheru

My experience at YGWA so far has been amazing, thanks to the team and the community here. I have received a lot of benefits from the community, particularly the experience of using my skills practically and improving them with entrepreneurs and other driven young people.

I participated in Tech support for the Virtual programs, video editing and got to host and plan several programs. What stood out for me is how approachable and easy to work with everybody was. I got good mentors and great insight working with very accommodating entrepreneurs.

I would highly recommend this program for any young person or entrepreneur that would love to be a part of a community like this.

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To learn more about the Young Global Workforce Alliance, call us on +254 759 925 039 or email us at hello@smefoundersassociation.com.