Founders Association

Fostering an enabling and sustainable business environment

SME Founders Association fosters an enabling and sustainable business environment for all Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Africa. 

Kenyan SMEs provide close to 85% of the country’s employment and contribute to 20% of its GDP, making the sector a major contributor to socio-economic development, however the growth of the sector is hampered by poor presentation and a myriad of business challenges such as lack of access to capital, markets, networks and appropriate affordable enterprise development program. 

SFA exists to promote policy and advocacy to enact fairer policies that favor the growth of this sector while bridging the gap through collaborative partnerships with our wide network of strategic partners.


Fostering an enabling and sustainable business environment for Small and
Medium Enterprises (SME)


Creating a better KENYA for all by supporting businesses
to grow and succeed


ENABLE a sustainable business environment through policy and advocacy for fairer policies affecting SMEs

EMPOWER SMEs by providing leadership and enterprise development to enhance their competence, competitiveness and complliance

ELEVATE SMEs by providing linkages to networks, markets and access to capital for business growth and success

how it all started

Founded  in 2016 as Profit network a business mentoring network, we evolved into an association to better represent the MSME community as a collective voice to promote a sustainable and decent business environment for all. 

SFA is a nationwide partnership of higher education, economic development organizations, chambers and other stakeholders dedicated to promoting a more enabling and sustainable business environment for MSMES.

The Association successfully links Kenya’s education system with community outreach to aid in the development and education of entrepreneurs and business community.

As the only association that provides mentoring, networking, policy and advocacy for MSMEs in Kenya. SFA plays a vital role in Kenya’s economic development initiatives by:

  • Assisting entrepreneurs in all stages of business, from prospective entrepreneurs to mature businesses looking for growth opportunities
  • Working with firms in all business sectors
  • Utilizing the expertise and resources of some of the best colleges and universities both locally and abroad.
  • Accessing the resources of a national network in the 47 Counties
  • Global accreditation with partner accrediting bodies.

Our Commitment to Our Members

To utilize our knowledge, experience and resources to deliver quality services and products that meet their needs and contribute to their business growth and success.

Our Commitment to Our Employees

To foster a rewarding culture that allows employees to be successful and reach their full potential.

Our Commitment to Our Partners

To advance our shared vision and mission by developing collaborative alliances that leverage organizational strengths and produce lasting benefits.

Our Commitment to Our Funders

To be responsible and accountable stewards and achieve performance expectations and results that contribute to economic prosperity and meaningful return-on-investment.

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