Founders Conversation

Do you know that a strategy can help you manage cash flow constraints? Yeah, many people get cash strapped because they have not optimized their value proposition to generate enough products and services.  Join  us on Thursday at 8:30am EAT and discover the PULSE RATE of your business strategy.  Is it on track or do you need to pivot in order to grow and succeed! Join us Daniel Nyutu the Founder of Center for Strategic Management Limited at Founders Conversation this week and learn more.

Recovery Bootcamp

Across the world SMEs are vitally important for driving economic health and employment in high income and low income economies. And we continue to hear the same limitations of access to capital and markets as challenges to growth. 

COVID-19 impact has revealed the nature of businesses and calls for a new way of doing things which will be delivered at The Recovery & Resilience Bootcamp.

Business Leaders & Professionalfor a series of Insightful and Innovative sessions to deliver strategic interventions to recover from the impact of COVID-19.

The Bootcamp is a series of events with an opportunity for business leaders to engage professional business mentors who will deliver key lessons on how to

  1. Preserve your business through assessments, strategies and interventions to discover the impact of COVID-19 on your business and how to recover.
  2. Develop a recovery road map to thrive and rebuild a more resilient business.
  3. Identify opportunities & new customer segments to generate reliable recurring revenue.

The Recovery and Resilience Bootcamp SME Founders Association has been created to support SMEs to reinvent their businesses to be more versatile and resilient to during COVID-19 and beyond.