Pitch for Profit!

 Did you know It takes more than reciting the facts or listing services to be viewed as an expert with those we want to do business with? Find words to connect to your prospect to pique their interest in you as a potential problem solver through step-by-step guidance to create a memorable self-introduction that will work online and with minor adjustment for your face-to-face encounters in the future. This online challenge will focus on helping you develop rapport with the people you are meeting online, after the self-introductions have taken place by keeping the conversation friendly yet purposeful and necessary for profitable partnerships.

It’s easy for you to register for this rewarding 4-Day Pitch for Profit Challenge, which will be conducted at 8:30 am from Monday, July 27 to Thursday, July 30th and the cost is only $25 for the early bird before 23rd noon, $30 after 23rd noon. The price includes The Networking Success Kit, Virtual Networking and expert feedback on July 30th by your Virtual Networking Coach, Anne B. Freedman, CEO of Speakout, Inc.

We look forward to hosting you at the Pitch for Profit 4-Day Challenge.

You have a passion that you would like to turn into PROFIT? We can help. For over 10 years we have been supporting professionals and business leaders to package their passion and proficiency into profitable brands and you can join them.

ACTIVATE is designed to support emerging, existing and established entrepreneurs to package their passion and proficiency into profitable brands. Because every business has to make money. No matter you stage in business if you are not making profit, this course is for you.
It has 12 practical sessions that will help you package your passion into irresistible products and services. Participants will learn lead generation strategies to attract high paying clients setting them apart from competitors.

BLENDED LEARNING approach to give you quick sustainable wins.
ACTIVATE CANVAS Methodology Workshop, giving you the 4 critical steps to build a profitable brand.
12-month one-on-one BUSINESS COACHING, MENTORING MASTERMIND with a dedicated business mentor and peer founders to hold you accountable.



Founders Conversation
Join us at Founders Conversation culmination of pitch for profit event held on Founders Profit Academy! Discover how to virtually network and get expert feedback! Our Speakers this week are Anne Freedman International Executive Presentation Coach, Speaker, Author, CEO & Founder SpeakOut Inc. Frida Owinga, Certified Business Advisor, Chairperson SME Founders Association & Founder PassionProfit Ltd.